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List of software and programs that I use on a regular basis.
DS:PS develops and maintains small to medium sized web sites for business and non-profit organizations.  I have a wide range of skills capable of supplying all of your needs.  Read below the various aspects of our service for you.
Software / Services Blue Line   Details of the Services I Offer
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Web pages will be housed on my own computer and then I post them to the host server of your choice with user name and password given to me and kept private. Maintenance of your site is something I enjoy doing with a monthly billing process developed after the proposed amount is completed and posted live.
Adobe Fireworks
Graphics for your web site (still or animated) come in handy to create attention.
Adobe Illustrator
Graphics for printed material. I don't mind trying to draw your idea found on that napkin from last week and I can make it useable in any public arena!
Adobe Photoshop
Modify your photographs to make them what you want. I love photography and enjoy working with them.
Adobe InDesign
Design any size printed material you may need – from a one page flyer to a 100+ page report, multicolor report!
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Create forms that can be made "fill-out-able" and keep others from modifying them for their own use!
Microsoft Word
Format forms and letterhead for your company. Let me manage and maintain your forms and letterhead to make sure all your employees are using the correct ones.
Microsoft Powerpoint
Design a powerpoint template for you to use with your own information. Or I could just do the whole project with the content you provide, you know...text, graphics, photos, videos!
PayPal Buttons
Use Paypal Buttons for your web site with your own PayPal account or create one for you. This requires that you trust me with your user name and password to your PayPal account. You will be the Merchant and I will be your Developer!
Web Calendars
Click here for an example of a calendar page. We can just keep your readers up on what is going on at your place.
 What I Do Not Provide

I do not provide your content. Your responsibility will be to provide the content you want to display on the web, organize it appropriately, and provide it to DS:PS in the appropriate computer-readable format.  If DS:PS has to do any of this type of work, the cost of your web site will rise significantly.

I cannot guarantee that our photo sources will include exactly the photo you want. If you have extremely exact requirements, you will need to provide the photo(s) or pay for custom photo(s) to be taken just for you.  Usually something that gets the point across and looks professional is easily found and quite effective from stock photos.

While DS:PS has extensive ability to create custom graphics, such as buttons, banners, and other graphical elements, of course I cannot guarantee that I can meet extremely exact requirements.  I will provide the first draft design, then modify that with a second draft, then the third draft is the one that will get approval to start the real web site production, or we may find out we’re not be able to work together.

 A Key Factor

The more you know about what you want, the lower the cost will be, due to elimination of consultation time, and multiple iterations on designs, selection of banners and color scheme, etc.  More time up-front planning your site will reduce or eliminate the costly changes which result when you realize that you have not included some key content, or thought through what you were trying to accomplish with your site.


I have
20 years experience designing
of any sort, and
15 years creating,
managing, and
web sites.

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Blue Line

Please Note:

I do not offer
services for
web sites which
are not
"family friendly."

This means no "objectionable"

DS:PS reserves the right to refuse
any work based on content I feel is objectionable for any reason.

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